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World Congress 21 on Water, Climate and Agriculture

Event ID :- 1188 AE
Event Type :- Conference ( Virtual )
Date :- Expired ( Past Event )
Venue :- Online
Organised by :- International River Basin Foundation, WCPI

International River-Basin Foundation-India, will be hosting first virtual "World Congress on Water, Agriculture and Climate" on November 24-28, 2021 on the theme "Building Climate change resilience through Ecosystem restoration" ( http://www.iribaf.org/worldcongress21/ ). The Congress is bi-annual meeting of all associates of the World Council of Professionals and Industries, and the experts throughout the world.
The purpose of Congress is to discuss approaches for food and water security in changing climate and explore a climate resilient future through technology intervention and adoption, to suggest a policy framework for meeting the targets of sustainable development goals. The main themes of the Congress are:
Theme 1: Water availability and agricultural production in changing climate
Theme 2: Food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture
Theme 3: Ecosystem Restoration and Climate Emergency
Theme 4: Future of Agriculture and sustainable food production
Theme 5: Securing healthy waters, catchments and ecosystems
Theme 6: Adopting smart technologies, policies, processes and Capacity building
Theme 7: Sharing and communicating data, knowledge and information
Theme 8: Delivering SDG outcomes
(for details please see the website)
Congress invites your research, case studies, articles and opinions for presentation and discussion. The participation of students and researchers and academicians will also be encouraged  in the special sessions for strengthening policy framework
The summary of selected papers focusing on themes of Congress will be published  in  Congress proceedings and an extended version will be published in the form of edited book chapters to create a memorable policy document with ISBN.
You may submit the Abstract of your presentation (200 worlds-Excluding Title, your name, designation and email) before October 20, 2021 with your passport size photograph and brief profile at worldcongressindia(at)gmail.com
You may reserve your place by filling pre-registration form https://forms.gle/DpoMiycibtp7M8vG6
You will be required to submit maximum 2000 to 4000 words summary of your paper (including table, graphs and photographs) with Title, name of authors and designation, email in standard paper format, at worldcongressindia(at)gmail.com   till October 31, 2021
We also invite your applications for following awards offered by the Congress award committee: Best Scientist Award, Best Research Paper Award, Best Poster Award, Best Case Study Award, for which you may request an application form by sending your brief profile.

Topics Covered :

Water resource Management, Water Quality, Hydrology
Climate, flood, disaster, risk management, Environmental
Agriculture, food security,
Sustainable Development
Smart Technologies
Information Technology
Knowledge management
Health and Sanitation

More Details : http://www.iribaf.org/worldcongress21/