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Event ID :- 357 AME
Event Type :- Conference ( Hybrid )
Date :-
Venue :- Tel Aviv University, Israel / Online
Organised by :- Shlomo Shmeltzer Institute For Smart Transportation

The 1st Israeli Smart Transportation Research Center (ISTRC) Annual Conference will be hosted by Tel Aviv University Shlomo Shmeltzer Institute for Smart Transportation and Geosimulation and Spatial Analysis Lab on June 21, 2021.

(Note: In case of COVID19 restrictions, the event will be held in three shorter online afternoon sessions on 21-22-23/06/2021).

  • The conference is funded by ISTRC and participation in the event is FREE of charge.
  • This event aims to provide researchers with a platform to present the state-of-the-art of Transportation Science among their peers.

Topics Covered :

  • Vehicles and Transport Modes: Automated, connected, and electric vehicles, advanced propulsion systems, interfaces between vehicles, people and infrastructure.
  • Traffic Management and Control: Traffic flow, safety, effectiveness, mixed traffic in different automation levels
  • Innovative Transportation Services: Mobility as a service, personalized transport, shared transport, mass transit, freight, and logistics
  • Policy, Transportation Planning and Smart Cities: Urban planning, public policy, public space allocation, social issues, and equity
  • Road Users Behavior: Travel behavior, demand modeling, behavioral change, incentives, innovative data collection
  • Mobility Safety and Security: Vehicles in different automation levels, non-motorized modes
  • Big Data and Data Analysis: Data fusion, machine learning, IoT, social media
  • Automation and Connectivity: Automated vehicles, V2V, V2I, cyber, sensors, AI
  • Models and Algorithms: Forecasting, networks, operation research, optimization, economic models

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