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Railway Conference

Event ID :- RWE 01
Event Type :- Conference ( In person )
Date :- August 22 - 25, 2022
Venue :- Montpellier, France
Organised by :- Railways 2022


The Fifth International Conference on Railway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenance
22 - 25 August, 2022 | Montpellier, France

Topics Covered :

Rolling Stock

-Rolling stock design, manufacture and maintenance
-Modelling and Simulation: Railway dynamics, Structural analysis, Crashworthiness, Wheel-rail interaction, Pantograph-catenary dynamics, Wear and Fatigue
-High speed trains
-Light railways and trams
-Technologies to increase freight capacity
-Bogies technology
-Field and laboratory testing
-Performance and optimisation
-Aerodynamics and crosswind
-Noise, vibration and comfort
-Traction and braking
-Safety, security and reliability
-Ergonomics and interior design


-Railway structures: Bridges, tunnels and transition zones
-Track design, construction and maintenance
-Interaction of vehicles with the infrastructure
-Track monitoring
-Trackbeds: Sleepers and ties
-Geotechnical aspects: Earthworks, embankments, stabilisation
-Technologies for track defects detection
-Station design

Energy and Environment

-Decarbonising the rail industry
-Re-use of kinetic energy
-Energy sources and smart grids
-Hybrid traction and power trains
-Sustainable rail transport

Signalling and communication

-ERTMS - European Rail Traffic Management System
-ITS - Information and Technology Systems


-Railway systems operation
-Traffic management
-Intermodal solutions
-Customer interfaces

Strategies and Economics

-Railway transport: Capacity and cost
-Track access charges
-Cost implications
-Planning and policies
-Future trends in railway engineering
-Railways: History, heritage and education

Emerging Technologies

-Maglev Systems
-Battery and Hydrogen Trains
-Personal Rapid Transit
-Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
-Digital Twin
-Internet of Trains
-Blockchain Technology

More Details : http://www.railwaysconference.com/

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