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Physical Conference - North American Artificial Lift 2021

Event ID :- 476 MNE
Event Type :- Conference ( In person )
Date :- August 02 - 03, 2021
Venue :- Houston, Texas, USA
Organised by :- North American Artificial Lift 2021 Exhibition and Conference

Physical Conference - North American Artificial Lift 2021

  • Making an economic assessment for artificial lift systems
  • Understand the economic fundamentals and key performance indicators (KPI) for artificial lift systems usage from an industry wide perspective.
  • Reducing costs and optimizing production with the right techniques
  • Assess how new artificial lift systems are cost-effective while minimizing operational and financial risks, and learn how adopting the right techniques to maximize production.
  • Maximizing pump efficiencies and minimizing failure rates of artificial lift systems
  • Be the first to hear about new artificial lift pump innovations for efficient and reliable operations, while ensuring optimum performance and enhanced oil recovery.
  • New optimization techniques in producing from deeper and more complex wells
  • Explore artificial lift projects across multiple wells sites and assess the latest results from tests and trials from highly deviated wells to high Gas-Liquid Ratios.
  • Well site automation and downhole monitoring solutions for measured results
  • Explore the latest advances in well monitoring technologies and the tools available to improve on efficiencies, operations and to help decision-making.
  • End-user operator case studies and developing a successful artificial lift program
  • Gain insight from leading artificial lift manufacturers and implement strategies that others in the industry are using to ensure a successful application.

Topics Covered : https://www.artificial-lift-conference.com/

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