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Event ID :- 1021 NT
Event Type :- Conference ( In person )
Date :- October 20 - 22, 2021
Venue :- Brno, Czech Republic, EU
Organised by :- TANGER Ltd.

An opportunity to become acquainted with the results of research and development of nanomaterials in the Czech Republic and abroad as well as with concrete applications and to meet the world's leading scientists working on nanotechnology have participants of the 13th International conference NANOCON'21.
Nanomaterials - preparation, properties, characterization. Applications of nanotechnologies in industry, environment, medicine, and biotechnology. The influence of nanomaterials on the environment, health, metrology, and standardization of nanomaterials. The topic Nanomaterials for Electronics will be accentuated in the NANOCON 2021 conference. NANOCON is a popular conference among novice researchers. The prize of Dr. Tasilo Prnka, the conference founder and the promoter of nanotechnology in the Czech Republic, for the best lecture of young scientists under the age of thirty-three years will be awarded.
As part of the poster session, the Best Poster Contest will be announced. The first three winners and five honorable mentions will be awarded.
Proceedings of the conference are submitted for indexing in the Web of Science and Scopus databases.

Topics Covered : Nanomaterials, Carbon, Thin Films, Quantum Dots, Nanotubes, Toxicity of materials, Biosensors, Drug Transport, Tissue Engineering, Molecular Analysis, Nanoimplants, Nanofiltration, Graphene.

More Details : https://www.nanocon.eu