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NANO IL 2021 - International Nanotechnology Conference, Jerusalem

Event ID :- NTSM 11
Event Type :- Conference ( In Person )
Date :- October 04 - 06, 2021
Venue :- Jerusalem, Israel
Organised by :- N/A

The conference will bring together International and Israeli Experts to share knowledge of recent science and technology in the nano-scale. The program will address materials, electronics, photonics, medical, defense, aerospace, semi-conductor and other emerging areas of nanoscale science and technology. The program will include keynote, invited and contributed oral presentations, poster sessions, a large commercial exhibition, as well as social events.


Through inspiring keynote lectures, innovative talks, leading edge tutorials, and plenty of networking, you will learn how the NANO.IL.2021 experience can promote your R&D, academic activities and business thrusts in nanotechnology.




Topics Covered :


  • Nano Materials - Synthesis & Characterization
  • Nano Materials - Topological Materials
  • Nano Physics & Quantum Effects
  • Nanoscopy& Super Resolution
  • Bio-nano Materials
  • Nano Mechanics & Tribology
  • Bio-nano Medicine
  • Nano Electronics
  • Nano Energy
  • Nano Materials 2D
  • Nano Education
  • Nano Fabrication
  • Bio-nano Physics
  • Nano Sensors
  • Nano 3D Printing
  • Nano Photonics - Metal Optics, Semiconductors and Diamonds
  • Information Processing at the Nanoscale