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International Webinar on Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Research

Event ID :- 2108 NT
Event Type :- Conference ( Virtual )
Date :- Expired ( Past Event )
Venue :- Online
Organised by :- IMPACT Conferences

We are glad to welcome all the participants to the 5th international conference on Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Research, (Virtual pharma 2022) scheduled for December 02 - 04, 2022.
It mainly focuses on the theme Innovative Approaches in Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Delivery systems.

Topics Covered :

.Advanced Drug Delivery Systems
.Cellular Targeting and Intracellular Delivery
.Drug Delivery Through BBB
.Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety
.Pharmaceutical Research & Development
.Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Biomarkers & Drug Targets
.Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems
.Pharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry
.Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology
.Pharmacy Practice, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy
.Pharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing
.Inhaled Drug Delivery
.Research On Oncology And AIDS
.Bio Drugs, Bio Molecules and Therapeutics
.Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals
.Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems
.Drug Discovery and Screening
.Anticancer drug delivery for Tumor Targeting
.Preformulation Studies
.Formulation Technologies
.Vaccine Design and Drug Delivery Technology
.Peptides and Protein Drug Delivery
.Clinical And Medical Case Reports
.Drug Discovery and Development
.Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
.Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics
.Pharmacology & Toxicology
.Virtual Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
.Precision Medicine and Specialty Drugs
.Biosimilars Market
.Pharmaceutics Business and Market
.Artificial Intelligence in Pharma
.Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

More Details : https://pharmaceutics.impactcongress.org/registration.php


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