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International Conference on Computer Application and Information Technology 2021 ( ICCAIT 2021 )

Event ID :- 901 IT
Event Type :- Conference ( In person )
Date :- Expired
Venue :- Hong Kong
Organised by :- ICCAIT 2021


International Conference on Computer Application and Information Technology 2021
Hong Kong
11 - 12 August 2021


Paper submission deadline
10 - July – 2021

Acceptance notification
Continuous Process

Early Bird Registration Ends
30 - May - 2021

Author Registration Ends
20 - July – 2021

CRC Registration Ends
20 - July – 2021

Listener Registration Ends
20 – July - 2021

Conference Start Date
11 - August – 2021

Conference End Date
12 - August - 2021

Important: The COVID-19 situation is being closely monitored. The conference may either run as an in-person event in Hong Kong or as a virtual event.

International Conference on Computer Application and Information Technology 2021 (ICCAIT 2021) is an opportunity for academics, students, scholars, scientists, and engineers from around the world who are involved in the study, management, development and implementation of systems and concepts to combat information warfare or to improve Computer Application and Information Technology to come together and exchange ideas. This conference is trying to establish itself as a key event for the understanding of threats and risks to information systems, the development of strong security culture, and incident investigation.

Tracks of the Conference :

  1. Algorithms
  2. Information Systems
  3. Automated Software Engineering
  4. Knowledge Data Engineering
  5. Multimedia Applications
  6. Compilers and Interpreters
  7. Neural Networks
  8. Digital Signal and Image Processing
  9. Distributed and Parallel Processing
  10. E-commerce and E-governance
  11. Software Engineering & CASE
  12. Expert Systems
  13. Technology in Education
  14. Human-Computer Interaction
  15. Theoretical Computer Science
  16. Information Retrieval
  17. Computer Vision
  18. Wireless Sensor Networks
  19. Internet and Web Applications
  20. Natural Language Processing
  21. Computational Intelligence
  22. Digital Library
  23. Reconfigurable Computing Systems
  24. Digital System and Logic Design
  25. Security & Cryptography
  26. Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
  27. System Security
  28. Event-Driven Programming
  29. Computer Modeling
  30. Technology Management
  31. High-Performance Computing
  32. Ubiquitous Computing
  33. Computer Networks and Data Communication
  34. Computer Simulation
  35. Distributed Systems
  36. Advanced Statistical Algorithms
  37. Artificial Intelligence
  38. BIOS
  39. Computer Architecture & VLSI
  40. Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
  41. Computer Hardware
  42. Computer Modelling
  43. Computer Networking
  44. Computer Security
  45. Computer Security for banking system
  46. Computer Viruses
  47. Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing
  48. Control Systems
  49. File Sharing
  50. Genetic Computational Algorithms
  51. Information technology and critical systems
  52. Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms and their Applications
  53. Operating Systems
  54. Operation Research
  55. Parallel and Distributed Computing
  56. Performance Evaluation
  57. Problem Solving Environments
  58. Programming Languages
  59. Robotics and Automation
  60. Simulation and Optimization Techniques
  61. Storage Space
  62. Computer Animation
  63. Computer Games
  64. Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality
  65. Computer Graphics and Multimedia
  66. Cyber Crime
  67. Pattern Recognition
  68. Web- and Grid-based Simulation
  69. Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
  70. Biomedical Engineering
  71. Data Compression
  72. Data Encryption
  73. Data Mining
  74. Data Privacy and Security
  75. Database Systems
  76. Academic Integrity, Plagiarism Detection and Software Misuse
  77. Collaborative Design in Knowledge-based Environment
  78. Computer-Based Education
  79. Computing Ethics
  80. Computing Pioneer
  81. Computing Practices & Applications
  82. e- Business
  83. Future of Computing
  84. Scientific Computing
  85. UML methods

Paper Submission: https://coreconferences.com/iccait2021/

Paper Submission :

Authors should submit a paper in English, carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling, addressing one or several of the conference areas or topics. Each paper should clearly indicate the nature of its technical/scientific contribution, and the problems, domains, or environments to which it is applicable. Only original papers should be submitted. Authors are advised to follow ethical norms regarding plagiarism and self-plagiarism thoroughly before submitting and must make sure that their submissions do not substantially overlap work which has been published elsewhere or simultaneously submitted to a journal or another conference with proceedings. Papers that contain any form of plagiarism will be rejected without reviews.

Authors can submit their work in the form of a Regular Paper, representing completed and validated research, or as a Position Paper, portraying a short report of work in progress or an arguable opinion about an issue discussing ideas, facts, situations, methods, procedures or results of scientific research focused on one of the conference topic areas. All papers must be submitted through the online submission platform. After the paper submission has been successfully completed, authors will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail. All the papers should be of 6 pages length.

Paper Submission: https://coreconferences.com/iccait2021/

More Details : https://coreconferences.com/iccait2021/

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