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Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) - Live Online Course

Event ID :- 1890 PE
Event Type :- Training Course ( Virtual )
Date :- January 17 - 20, 2022
Venue :- Online
Organised by :- Infocus International Group

This course is intended for those in business, commercial and strategically focused roles within the energy sector; in particular those responsible for environmental matters, business sustainability and business transformation in areas such as oil & gas, hydrogen and industrial energy usage.

Attendees will leave with a clearly explained and independent perspective on how, where and why CCUS is happening now and could grow in future covering the range of technological solutions and business drivers, including policy. In addition to reviewing existing CCUS approaches, the course will highlight new opportunities and integrated value creation possibilities through carbon utilisation. This will include how the fate of CCUS links to other aspects of the clean energy transition, such as clean hydrogen production, industrial decarbonisation and the transition away from oil & gas.

Topics Covered :

Course Sessions
1. Carbon sources & capture technologies
2. Carbon storage, transport & utilisation
3. Hydrogen, carbon and industrial clusters
4. Growing CCUS: scalability, markets, policies & strategies

Benefits of Attending
Understand the most challenging aspects of the clean energy transition & the role of CCUS in addressing them
Examine the various technological aspects of the CCUS value chain, from capture through to storage and/or utilisation pathways
Discuss the key economic and policy variables which will determine how CCUS plays out in different markets
Review up to date examples of projects and strategies from around the world, and evaluate the lessons from them
Learn the dynamics of the new competitive environment, including the risks of business as usual and the importance of industrial clusters in CCUS deployment
Identify approaches to sustainable strategic planning and new business opportunity assessment

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