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3rd International Conference On Applications Of Ai And Machine Learning( Icaml-2021 )

Event ID :- AI 15
Event Type :- Conference (In-person)
Date :- March 2021
Venue :- Patiala, India
Organised by :- Punjabi University, Patiala

3rd International Conference On Applications Of Ai And Machine Learning( Icaml-2021 ) 

ICAML-2021 will serve as an international platform for exchange of ideas, it is also an attempt to make the students aware about latest research trends in AI and ML. Focused on AI and machine learning innovations, International Conference for two days on applications of Machine Learning (ICAML 2021) will be organized. The conference will give attendees direct access to recent research works performed in the area of AI and Machine learning.


Communication , Signal Processing and Multimedia Technologies

  • Image Processing
  • Bio Medical Imaging
  • Digital Image Foresensics.
  • Video Surveillance and authentication
  • Digital Synchronous Machines
  • Telecommunications
  • Satellite and space communication
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Multimedia Ontology

Modern Network Technologies

  • Cyber Physical System, IOT and Smart Cities
  • Software Defined Networks, Intent Based Networking.
  • Optical Communications. Wireless Sensor Networks. 5G Technologies, Delay Tolerant Networks
  • Information Security, Network Security, Intrusion Detection System, Cryptography
  • Application of Block-chain in Security applications
  • Cloud Computing, Fog Computing and Ubiquitous Computing

Data Mining, AI and Soft Computing

  • Software Engineering Applications
  • Big Data analysis
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Data fusion
  • Predication Analysis
  • Use of Evolutionary approaches

Intelligent Computing Applications

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Speech Recognition Driven Systems.
  • Brain Computer Interface
  • Agricultural applications
  • Smart City Applications
  • Healthcare smart applications.