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2021 International Conference on Programming Language, Speech Recognition and Virtualization (PLSRV 2021)

Event ID :- 838 CN
Event Type :- Conference ( In person )
Date :- August 27 - 29, 2021
Venue :- Qingdao China
Organised by :- AEIC

2021 International Conference on Programming Language, Speech Recognition and Virtualization (PLSRV 2021) will be held on August 27-29, 2021 in Qingdao China,This conference focuses on the latest research on "Research on Programming Language, Speech Recognition and Virtualization", aiming to gather experts, scholars, researchers and related practitioners in this field from all over the world, share research results, explore hot issues and exchange new experiences and technologies. We warmly welcome experts and scholars in related fields to submit their new research or technical contributions to PLSRV 2021, and share valuable experiences with scientists and scholars from all over the world!

Topics Covered :

  • Performance measurement, modeling and monitoring of virtual / cloud workloads
  •  Adapt to the emerging high performance computing technology (high performance network, RDMA, etc.)
  •  Programming model of virtual environment
  •  Compliance in the new era of virtualization and ensuring the benefits of virtualization 2.0
  •  The impact of it virtualization on applications and networks
  •  Dynamic computing power integration
  •  Troubleshooting virtual infrastructure
  •  Energy optimization and energy saving of green data center
  •  Virtual per job / on demand clustering and cloud burst
  •  I / O and storage virtualization, virtualization aware file system
  •  Supercomputing environment, HPC cluster, cloud HPC and virtualization in Grid
  •  Leverage endpoint virtualization
  •  Virtualization Platform
  •  Management, deployment and monitoring of virtual environment
  •  Virtualization aware storage
  •  Virtual machine monitor platform, optimization of management program

  • Distributed intelligent voice
  • Intelligent language interaction
  • Human computer and voice database construction
  • Speech analysis
  • Smart chip and its application
  • Speech recognition and interaction technology
  • Scene analysis and processing technology
  • signal processing
  • pattern recognition
  • Probability theory and information theory
  • Phonation mechanism and hearing mechanism
  • artificial intelligence

More Details : www.plsrv.org

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